Move the /var partition example

  • Perform 2 sets of backups for the whole system based on individual disks. (using tar)
  • Perform one set of UFSDUMP backup for each partition under the root directory.
  • Commented out the scripts from rc2.d (i.e. rename the startup files that fireup oracle in the /etc/rc2.d and
  • /etc/rc3.d directory)
  • Repartition the /export/home and restored.
  • Test on mounting/unmounting/ufsrestoring file systems by booting from CDROM. (This was done before reconfiguring the /usr partition)
  • Repartition the /usr
  • Repartition the /opt
  • Repartition the /var
  • Ufsrestore the /var
  • Ufsrestore the /opt
  • Ufsrestore the /usr


  • Couldn't restore /usr at first (Possibly because of symbolic links or other files seeking information from /opt ) so we tried restoring /var , /opt and then /usr in sequence and it worked.
  • Stop all the process relating to oracle ,unmount u1, u2, ... comment out the filesystems that get mounted during bootup in the /etc/vfstab file ( relating to u1 u2 u3)
  • Also rename the startup files that fireup oracle in the /etc/rc2.d and /etc/rc3.d directory. Use ufsdump of the entire partition i.e. / /usr /var /opt/ .
  • Increasing the /var partition can be done by: Reducing the /opt partition or changing /opt and subsequent partitions i.e. /usr and /export/home.
  • Format/select appropriate disk and partition , print command will tell the option required.
  • Boot cdrom -sw run format partition and change appropriate values
  • Create newfs and ufsrestore appropriate partitions that have been newfsed
  • Boot the system back in single user mode then into multi user

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