Notes for migration from RHEL 4 to RH...

Notes for migration from RHEL 4 to RHEL 5 VM - This happens to be a TWS server

Build new VM based upon RHEL 5 template in Virtual Center

set limit to 0 on TWS servers from gui or with lc; 0 in conman
stop tws service on existing server

synchronize all data in /home  /apps /log /usr/Tivoli  and
crontab entries from existing TWS user

copy anthill and tws init scripts to /etc/init.d on new server
copy /etc/ auto.log and auto.master from TWS server

migrate all local user accounts and groups with id > 500 from TWS server to
new server

See Copy users from one unix box ...

create link in /usr/lib with:
ln -sf

verify all compat libraries samba-client and libXpm* are installed via yum

shut down old TWS server

remove old TWS computer account from active directory  (this is a VAS host a.k.a Quest Authentication Services)

reconfigure IP on new server and change name to match old server
update /etc/sysconfig/network with correct name and network settings
update /etc/hosts with correct name and IP
update /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 with ip of old server

restart new server

install vas utilities and join the domain with:
vastool -u user join -f -c

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