Configuring Eclipse and TortoiseCVS to manage the same sources

For eclipse and TortoiseCVS 1.8.32 (Could not get 1.10.7 to work) to work together for the same projects in the same workspaces change the following settings in Eclipse:

In Window > Preferences

Then Team > CVS > Ext Connection Method

Select the radio button Use another connection method type to connect and select extssh from the dropdown

Then in the repository browser select the properties for each CVS repository that is configured and change the Connection type to ext

Perform an update against any project and you will get a series of prompts to create keys, etc. click yes for all and you are now setup.

This basically maps ext to extssh for Eclipse and allows other CVS clients that are not compatible with extssh to use the standard ext connection

Now you should be able to perform updates against anything checked out with eclipse using TortoiseCVS 1.8.32 as well

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