Site Studio Publishing Utility Instal...

Site Studio Publishing Utility Installation and Configuration


Install jdk1.6.0_01-64bit with:

mkdir -p /apps/java
chown -R user1:user1 /apps/java
su - user1
cd /apps/java
tar zxvf java.tar.gz
ln -s jdk1.6.0_01-64bit default

Edit bash_profile as follows:


Edit iptables and firewall rules to allow the required ports from the following:

8885 push server for SSL Subscription Client
8886 push server Subscription Client
8887 administration server Subscription Client
8880 master server Publishing Utility - pvsspp001
8889 administration server Publishing Utility - pvsspp001
8890 ICE server Publishing Utility - pvsspp001
8891 file server Publishing Utility - pvsspp001
8893 ICE server for SSL Publishing Utility
8894 file server for SSL Publishing Utility
Important: If the Publishing Utility and the Subscription Client 
are separated by a firewall, ports 8890 and 8891 must be opened 
through the firewall to allow the Subscription Client to communicate 
with the Publishing Utility.

  1. Unzip the file
  2. cd /root/SiteStudioPublishingUtility/unix
  3. ./
  4. Accept the license agreement
  5. Select Install a new Site Studio Publishing Utility
  6. Enter /apps/ssp as the default directory
  7. Enter /apps/java/default as path to JVM
  8. Finish

 Connect to Oracle

Edit as follows:

<database type="oracle">
 <driver jdbcURL="jdbc:oracle:thin:@ora:1521:ucmsrv" \
 <user username="USERNAME" password="*******"/>

 Start the Server

  1. ./ &> /dev/null &
  2. connect to http://pvsspp001:8889/

Note: The default administrator user name and password is administrator / administrator.

 Configure a Website for Publication

On the SSPU Server

  1. Logon to http://pvsspd001:8889/index.jsp with default user name and password
  2. Click Add Website Link on upper left of page
  3. Enter a username and password for the site i.e. sysmanager or other UCM user with access
  4. Enter in Server CGI Url and click Connect button
  5. Click the Generate Manifest URL button
  6. Enter a Site Name - must match the name of the folder you want created on the web server
  7. Select Atomic for delivery Options and leave default extension html
  8. Enter the desired schedule or chose Manual Update radio button
  9. Save the configuration
  10. Click the Destinations link on left side of page
  11. Enter destination name i.e. t001-sitename or t002-sitename
  12. Select the Subscription Client Radio Button
  13. Enter the destination push url i.e. or
  14. enter a password for the connection - any password will do, only required for pub/sub
  15. Save the config
  16. View the destination and make a copy of the UUID that was generated as well as the password you created above

On the SSPU Client - Web Servers

  1. logon to http://pvwwwt001:8887/index.jsp or http://pvwwwt003:8887/index.jsp with the default userid and password
  2. Click the Content Providers link and select Add Content Provider
  3. Enter for the SSPU Url
  4. Enter the UUID you copied in the last step above for Subscription Client UUID
  5. Enter the Password you copied in the last step above for SSPU password
  6. Browse to or enter /apps/apache2/htdocs for the Local Directory
  7. Update the Status Checks interval with an appropriate value based upon the site activity
  8. Save the config
  9. Verify that all steps have been performed on both web servers or all 4 if approved for production

Validate by going back to the http://pvsspd001:8889/ page and clicking on the Destinations link and clicking Verify under Actions - Status column should show OK

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