Dovecot notes

Dovecot notes

yum -y install dovecot

Dovecot is an imap, imaps, pop3, and pop3s server.

man dovecot, fetchmail, openssl are your buddies and don't be afraid to use s_client for identifying cert problems related to date/time issues

Configuration is handled by /etc/dovecot.conf

Make private key and cert before using ssl (TESTING ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!)
    confirm date and time
    locate ssl_cert_file and ssl_key_file locations in /etc/dovecot.conf
    make -C /etc/pki/tls/certs dovecot.pem  #creates single file with key and cert
    copy the dovecot.pem file to both paths mentioned above

But for real, go to the CA of your choice and get a real cert to install in the locations above, putting cert in ssl_cert_file path and key in the ssl_key_file path, or at least separate out the cert from the key for your own internal use on a private lan.

netstat -tupln |grep dovecot  # should see 993, 995 (with SSL) and standard 110, 143 in output

Testing 1,2,3:

   openssl s_client -connect

    you should see a Cert Chain with different subject and issuer for a real cert or same for a self-signed, no errors,then:
    +OK Dovecot ready.
    user paul
    pass mypass
    +OK Logged in.
    +OK 1 439 octets
    dele 1
    +OK marked to be deleted

    Thunderbird and Evolution clients
    mutt -f pop://user@server:110
    mutt -f pops://user@server:995

Verify IMAP
    openssl s_client -connect
    look for similar output as above for pop3s

    Thunderbird and Evolution clients
    mutt -f imap://user@server:143
    mutt -f imaps://user@server:993

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