AIX Tips

You can use the prtconf command to list your AIX hardware configuration. including CPU's, memory, adapters, disk and network. The prtconf command is available the current version of AIX 4.3.3**, and on AIX 5. For those running older versions of AIX, here's a list of commands that provide the same information.


prtconf - list system configuration
lscfg [-v] - devices (-v = verbose for microcode levels, etc)
lscfg -v - devices verbose (microcode level, firmware, etc)
lsdev -Cc adapter - adapter cards
lsdev -Cc disk - disks
lsdev -Cc processor - CPU's
lsattr -El sys0 - serial number, model number, memory


oslevel - AIX OS level
instfix -i |grep ML - AIX maintenance level
lslpp -l - installed SW and levels


alog -L      		#  List the defined log types alog -o -t boot		#  View the boot log alog -o -t console	#  View the console log


lsvg -o - active volume groups
lsvg -p vgname - disk drives in VG
lsvg -l vgname - LV's in VG
lslv lvname - LV detail
lslv -l lvname - LV disk location
lspv - disks
lspv -l hdisk# - LV's residing on a disk


lsdev -Cc if -List network interfaces
netstat -rn -List network gateways


stopsrc -s sshd # replace sshd with servicename you want to stop or start
startsrc -s sshd

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